Dr. Cellucci’s Facial Skincare Recommendations


So let’s talk! Really what is this all about? Many people come to our spa with well-defined ideas about what they want treated and how to go about obtaining their personal cosmetic goals. Then there are those of us, like I was 10 years ago, who really have no clue. I hope the outlined treatments on this site answer many of your questions, but I’d like to take a small area of this site to just talk candidly. One of my favorite things is to educate people on how to begin the process of caring for their skin and keep it up once started. In some ways it’s like dieting: it’s pretty easy to get motivated for a brief period but then time and life kick in and the commitment lessens. So I’d like to outline my personal recommendations to you and then work with you to see what you will sincerely commit to. I hope you find it’s time to place yourself at the top of your priority list. Allow us to pamper you and help you achieve your ultimate cosmetic goals. So let’s get started!
If you are not already in the habit of caring for your skin, you must accept a few conditions and keep them solid in your daily practices. I know many women don’t even wash their faces on a regular basis and frequently find it too bothersome at the end of the day to remove their makeup. We must begin with a fresh canvas ie: clean naked skin. This means no products of any kind. There will be a time and place to apply makeup, but it must be removed daily in conjunction with properly washing your face.

I believe the next important step after good hygiene is the application of our chemical Vi Peel. The components of this particular peel result in a stronger and deeper peel than most commonly used chemical peels. The Vi Peel will cause the outermost layer of your skin to peel off, removing dead skin cells, debris and superficial colored lesions and acne. Several weeks after the peel, return to the spa for a photofacial using IPL. This will target the remaining colored lesions related to sun exposure, broken capillaries and even rosacea, resulting in significantly improved color resurfacing. Then to really keep the discolored lesions at bay, you must avoid the sun for as long as possible and when in the sun, apply a good sun block. For the most ideal long-term results from the above intervention, I recommend Obagi products. We will give you a personal “recipe” to follow. There are several ways to use these magnificent products, and we look forward to tailor-mixing the best combination for you. This, again, is a step that requires commitment and will well be worth your time and energy in the long run. After several months of using the Obagi products, I recommend you take a holiday from these and allow your skin to come to its new baseline and we’ll see where you are. Likely I will recommend repeating the entire process, beginning with a Vi Peel then IPL treatment then returning to the Obagi line.

Of course, highest on the list of my recommendations is to have the CO2 Ablative Fractional resurfacing treatment to problem areas.  This will by far yield the most dramatic and impressive result.  It does require several days of down time, when you will be occupied with pampering of the treated areas, including washing your skin 4 times daily and applying a barrier cream or ointment, keeping the areas moist around the clock for 3-5 days.  Although this is very intensive care, your result will be incredible and well worth your time and money.  This invasive technique has proven results for decades and we feel blessed to offer this at Jeuvani.  If you feel this treatment is more than you feel you need or desire, I recommend the Icon fractional treatment. This will lift and resurface your skin better than any other noninvasive techniques available. I recommend 1-3 of these spaced 1-2 months apart.

In addition to the above treatments, you can begin to reap the rewards associated with Botox use, including decreased wrinkles on the forehead and between and around your eyes. Additionally many people have significantly less depth of creases around their mouth and increased volume in their lips with injected dermal fillers. We will help you choose the filler that is best for your needs, To make final touches on the face, I recommend using Latisse daily to assist with eyelash growth. You will see all of this work is really worth it! People will notice you look younger, feel more energetic and have vibrant skin. That’s when you tell them you just have a great life, or you could consider sharing a few of your secrets and send them my way!

If it is urination with stress or bearing down that bothers you, I highly recommend you come see us for a consultation for a treatment with theAcupulse FemTouch by Lumenis.  With just 2-4 short 5 minute treatments, you will see dramatic results and finally be able to laugh, cough, run and bear down without that annoying and embarrassing passage of urine.   How wonderful would that be?! And to make matters better, you will enjoy the results of this treatment with improved vaginal elasticity and tone as well as lubrication and significant improvement in sexual satisfaction.  We have heard from many couples about their improved intimate relations thanks to treatments with this device.  And if you are interested in improving the tone and appearance of your external genitalia you can have that also with 2-4 treatments. For best results, we recommend receiving a combination of both treatments.

As far as working on the body, it will depend on your time and again, finances. We see by far the most compelling fat-reduction results with CoolSculpting, a technique for the destruction of fat cells, especially those damn pooches that will never go away, even with a million sit-ups and perfect eating habits. They just won’t! So CoolSculpting may improve that problem. If you suffer from unsightly leg veins, a cosmetic nightmare for many individuals, you will see significant resolution with the use of injected Asclera. We always get so excited when we hit a really responsive vein and then just watch it disappear!

There are other machines and products that we offer, and we encourage you to browse our website to find the components that will be most productive for you. I look forward to meeting and working with you.


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