This system targets subcutaneous tattoo ink pigment. With each treatment there will be disruption of the skin and the underlying pigment requiring 6-8 weeks of healing prior to the next treatment. Final results yield minimal-to-no residual tattoo pigment and no damage to the skin.

More details about Q-Clear tattoo removal

The Q-Clear aggressively targets implanted ink pigment from tattoos. Tattoos of any age, size and color respond to this laser beam treatment, producing either complete resolution or near-complete removal with a small amount of residual ink. Tattoos are placed with the expectation of permanence, so removal is a lengthy but well-worth it process. We suggest at least a one-year commitment for near-to-complete removal: a minimum of 6 treatments once every 2 months.

We recommend you arrive at the spa approximately 30 minutes prior to your appointment to allow us time to apply a topical anesthetic (with the exception of this recommendation, clients need no preparation). This numbing cream will absorb into your skin, resulting in less pain during the laser treatment. During the treatment you will experience tiny pulses of heat that will be directed over the tattoo. The pain our patients feel typically improves immediately post-treatment. Blistering may occur; this is a common side effect. Please do not pierce the blisters, instead apply a topical antibiotic ointment and they should heal within a couple of weeks.

With excellent precision, we “mess up” and break down the ink-stained cells, causing them to surface and slough off. Your tattoo will look irregular and experience crusting in between treatments, but you will see some changes with each treatment and eventually near-complete resolution. We recommend application of antibiotic ointment (such as neosporin), and if you note inflammation, additional application of hydrocortizone cream.

If there are some colors that remain after the final treatment, know that you may need to see a different provider for final results. All tattoo removal machines vary so the best results come with the use of different laser beams. I ask my clients: “It is better to commit one year to this process to have the unwanted tattoo removed or live with it for the rest of your life?”


The Q-Clear machine treats nail fungus more aggressively than anything else on the market. Approximately 80% of people are treated with the first treatment and around 20% require an additional visit.

More details about Q-Clear nail fungus treatment

The Q-Clear system is designed to kill fungi that have nestled in and under nails for years; it provides a very precise treatment that yields a near-perfect result. No matter how advanced your infection is, treatment is usually successful and the fungus is eradicated. While those with minor infections still experience excellent results, people with thicker, more mycotic nails experience the least pain during treatment. This is an affordable permanent solution to nail fungus, requiring only one or two visits to the spa.

Treatment only takes a few minutes, and the only necessary preparation for treatment is to thoroughly wash the nails and the skin surrounding them. Also, please trim your nails as much as you possibly can.  It is important that the thickness of the nails is reduced to obtain maximum results. We do not use any anesthetic, because it is important that the client senses the intensity of the treatment, thus decreasing the chance for over-treatment. During the treatment you will experience tiny pulses of heat directed at the infected components of the nail. These pulses may be sharp/burning but will typically resolve immediately after treatment. Once treatment has been completed the fungus on your nails will be dead, and you will see the results as your new nail grows out.

After your treatment wear only new or clean socks and plan to wash items that have been in contact with the infected nails, including all previously used and unwashed socks, sheets and bath linens. For the most desired results, we recommend application of anti-fungal cream to your nails and anti-fungal spray for your shoes.

If you’ve thought you’ll never wear flip-flops, go bare-foot on the beach, or play footsie with your partner in bed without worry again, those days are coming to and end!

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