Dr. Cynthia Cellucci

Medical Director & Physician located in Folsom, CA

Meet Dr. Cellucci

Hello and welcome to Jeuvani Spa & Sculpting! My name is Dr. Cynthia Cellucci and I am the Director and Physician of this remarkable business.

I graduated from Cal Berkeley, went to medical school in Chicago, and completed specialty training in Toledo, Ohio. I soon greeted three children and relocating to Folsom in 2001. Jeuvani's story began in 2007 in Davis, California where I ran a highly successful business for seven years, with my former partner, welcoming many wonderful clients. In 2015, my partner retired, and I moved the business to Folsom. Initially, we began in a small location across the hall; then in September 2020, we expanded to our currrent, deluxe space. I look very much forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve all your skincare and body wellness goals. It is our mission to keep all our prices as low as possible, making our services affordable for everyone!