Marlee Stahl, RN

Registered Nurse located in Folsom, CA

Meet Marlee

Hello! My name is Marlee and I’m a registered nurse here at Jeuvani. I’ve lived in El Dorado County my whole life and absolutely love everything about it. When I’m not at Jeuvani, I work as a Post Anesthesia recovery nurse in the hospital. I have three kids, two dogs, and a husband who works as a Fire Captain in the Bay Area. I always start my day super early with a big cup of coffee and an hour of weight lifting or a HIIT workout. I’m obsessed with health food and nutrition, and have been a life long vegetarian. I’m a strong believer of doing things to make yourself feel good, whether that be a syringe of lip filler, Botox, a long run outside, or just a big ‘ol Starbucks- you absolutely deserve that. Hope to meet you soon!